EU Market: Dimethoate Authorization isn't Renewed

 10c  19/07/2019  2588

European Union through the Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1090 dated 26 June 2019 decided on declining the renewal for authorization of the active substance Dimethoate. Active substance Dimethoate value for crop Peppercorn (Black, Green and White) is currently 0.5 ppm in the European Union Maximum Residue Levels. Following the disapproval of an active substance, the MRLs will usually be reduced to the limit of qualification or the default values of 0.01 ppm.

Upon the aforementioned regulation, EU Member States have until the latest 17 January 2020 to withdraw authorization for plant protection products (PPPs) containing Dimethoate. An adjustment of the MRLs is expected to be deliberated post 17 January 2020. img

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