Pochonia Chlamydosporia MTCC 5412-Talc formulation

Product Background

Pochonia chlamydosporia is a fungus that can colonize the rhizosphere without causing lesions to the plants or affecting plant growth. It is a notable facultative parasite of eggs of sedentary cyst and root-knot nematodes and is one of the most studied potential biological control agents of nematodes. Several Pochonia species have even been reported to show endophytic behaviour, which may result in benefits to the host plant defense against soil-borne pathogens. ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research has developed P. chlamydosporia talc formulation technology.


P. chlamydosporia liquid formulation technology which contains chlamydospores in liquid culture with added advantage of increased shelf life, low application rates and nd with targeted delivery of the fungus to crops for nematode management MTCC 5412 as talc formulation. The fungus attacks It controls plant parasitic nematodes by infecting eggs, Juveniles and adult females.

The industry/customer problem

Recently there is high concern towards the environmental issues arising out of excessive use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. Plant parasitic nematodes are currently managed by application of chemical pesticides. Pochonia chlamydosporia, a known biocontrol agent against plant parasitic nematodes as talc formulation is an alternative to synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and are ideal candidates in sustainable agricultural production.

Latest product information

Commercialization Status

Technology commercialized to one company through non-exclusive licensing

1. Codagu Agritech, Karanataka in the year 2018


Commercially available P. chlamydosporia talc from Codagu Agritech, Karnataka


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