Black pepper Micronutrient mixture

Product Background

The currently available foliar nutrient mixtures contain different combinations of secondary nutrients, micronutrients and humic acid or fulvic acid. Most of these mixtures are not crop specific and may be used for general purpose only. Standard macronutrient fertilizers such as nitrogenous fertilizers or N-P-K fertilizers, often lack a number of essential micronutrients required by the plant. Presently, there are no nutrient compositions available in the market which overcomes nutrient deficiencies of spices crops at different critical stages growth and enhance yield of the crops. Efforts to correct this imbalance have to be made through promotion of site specific nutrient management taking into consideration the initial soil fertility status. In order to find a solution for this serious problem, ICAR-IISR, Kozhikode, Kerala has developed crop specific, soil pH based micronutrient mixtures for foliar application in black pepper, which guarantees 15 to 25% increase in yield, besides enhancing quality


The black pepper micronutrient formulation contains all the essential nutrients in a balanced manner that support and promote growth of black pepper. 40-55% of soils are moderately deficient in micronutrients like Zinc, while 25-30% is deficient in Boron. Deficiency of other micronutrients occurs in 15% of soils. Long term research trials conducted on these spices crops have shown 15 to 25 % increases in yield and also overall improvement in the health and quality of crops

The industry/customer problem


  • Studies across black pepper growing tracts of Kerala and Karnataka under different cropping systems showed an alarming trend of nutrient imbalance. Soils were acidic with >54% of samples falling below 5.5 pH. The mean available P level was above 25 kg ha-1 and more than 60% of the soils had very high (36-100 kg ha-1) available P. The exchangeable K levels were low-medium in 70% of soils, exchangeable Ca was low in 40%, exchangeable Mg in 75% of the samples and B in 59% samples. Relatively excess/ indiscriminate and long term use of N & P straight fertilizers, which are generally free from micronutrients, ignoring potential soil amelioration with liming materials, has raised serious concern about preferential building up of P and imbalance of other nutrients, and created wide spread deficiencies of secondary and micronutrients especially Mg, B and Zn in major spice growing soils. These deficiencies/limitations reduce yield significantly. The main advantages of Black pepper micronutrient mixtures developed at ICAR-IISR are
  • Formulations are water soluble and compatible with simple or complex fertilizers
  • Easy transportation and long shelf life up to one year
  • Environment friendly process and can be adopted in organic farming
  • Low cost investment for manufacturing, cost of production is Rs.70/kg with cost benefit ratio of 1:2.5increases yield by 10-25%,

Latest product information

Commercialization Status

Technology commercialized to six companies through non-exclusive licensing

  1. M/s Rainbow Agri Life India Pvt. Ltd (2015)
    42-129-9, Jayanagar Colony
    Kadapa-516002, Andhra Pradesh
    Ph. No: 09848477199
  2. M/s Shrey Agritech (2015)
    B-3, 1st Gate, Industrial Estate
    Gokul Road, Hubli-580030
    Ph. No:09449800913
  3. M/s Hi-7Agro Bio Solutions, (2017)
    #832, Sapthagiri Nilaya, Vasanthnagar,
  4. M/s Linga Chemicals (2017)
    3 B-1 Police Station Lane
    East Masi Street
    Madurai-625001, Tamil Nadu
  5. M/s Natura Nursery and Agro Products (2018)
    Meppayur P.O.Kozhikode, Kerala
  6. M/s RLCO Innovative Agri Private Limited (2018)
    27/498, Parayancheri, Kuthiravattom (PO), Kozhikode, 673016, Keralav Ph.No:9496345414

Commercial packets of black pepper micronutrients from licensees


Agrinnovate India Limited
G-2, A Block, NASC Complex,
DPS Marg, New Delhi-110012, INDIA