Product Background

ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode has successfully developed, field-tested and commercialized encapsulation technology (biocapsules) for smart delivery of agriculturally important microorganisms. The technology involves encapsulation of the microorganisms of interest in a gelatin capsule for delivery to agricultural crops for enhanced soil nutrient solubilization, enhanced growth and yield.


The main components of the technology are the microbial strain, protecting agent, buffering agent, essential nutrients and a bulking agent packed in a hard gelatine capsule. The formulation involves culturing of PGPR, pelleting the cells at appropriate growth phase, treating with buffering agent, followed by mixing with protecting agent, inert bulking agent and nutrients. The mixture with a PGPR population of 1010 CFU/g is then packed in the capsule. The whole process is done at a temperature range between 20-30?C. The total weight of the biocapsule is just 1g. The process of making the formulation is simple and does not require any sophisticated equipment and conditions except basic facilities. The capsule formulation contains PGPR in an immobilized/inactive condition and the cells can be activated by dissolving the capsule in water. This suspension can be diluted and the seeds or seedlings or rhizomes are soaked in the suspension for 30 minutes before sowing/ transplanting into the main field. The remaining suspension can be used as soil drench

The industry/customer problem

The role played by beneficial micro-organisms is very critical in agriculture and they play a vital role in maintaining soil quality, besides enhancing environmental quality. The technical exactness required, time consuming and cumbersome procedures in their method of use are factors which has made the use of beneficial micro-organisms unattractive. There are also concerns about the quality of the commercial formulations available in the market such shelf life, cost of production, ecofriendliness etc. The major attraction for biocapsules are

  • smart and precise microbial delivery to crops,
  • maintains high microbial population, green technology low production cost
  • easy to handle and store
  • high shelf life
  • production and storage at normal temperature
  • does not require sophisticated equipment for manufacture
  • can be used to deliver all agriculturally important microorganisms

Latest product information

Biocapsules available in market

  1. Trichocap – Trichoderma harzianum
  2. Powercap – Black pepper PGPR
  3. Azoss Caps – Azospirillium brasilense
  4. Aceto Caps – Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus
  5. Rhizo Caps – Mesorhizobium mediterraneum
  6. Zinc Grow Caps – Bacillus spp
  7. P.S.B plus Caps – Bacillus megaterium
  8. Potash Grow Caps – Bacillus decolorationis
  9. NPK Grow caps – Azotobacter chroococcum Bacillus megaterium & Bacillus decolorationis
  10. Azoto Caps – Azotobacter chroococcum

Trichocap and Powercap, the two branded products of Trichoderma harzianum MTCC 5179 and PGPR marketed by our licensee M/s Codagu Agritech, Kushalnagar, Codagu, Karnataka

Commercially available capsules of SRT Agro Science Pvt Ltd, Chhattisgarh containing beneficial microorganisms for vegetables and all agri/horti crops

Commercialization Status

Technology commercialized to three companies through non – exclusive licensing

  1. Codagu Agritech, Karanataka in the year 2016
  2. SRT Agro Science Private Limited, Chattisgarh in the year 2018
  3. Krishi Vikas Sahakari Samiti Limited, Rajasthan in the year 2019

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