Pepper Farm Visit, Kampon Stass, Bau, Serawak

 IPC  09/02/2023  1702
Bau, Sarawak - Pepper Farm Visit organized by the Malaysian Pepper Board to showcase the Good Agriculture Practise (GAP) by the pepper smallholders from Sarawak in order to produce the best and finest quality of the Sarawak Pepper.

The IPC Secretariat had the opportunity to visit Mr. Wilson Anak Thomas and Mdm. Kueh Anak Rojey pepper farms located in Kampung Stass, Bau to better understand the pepper cultivation process and also programmes provided by the Malaysian Pepper Board to help the pepper smallholders.

Currently, Sarawak is the largest pepper producer (98%) in Malaysia and Malaysia is the 7th largest pepper producer in the world. Sarawak pepper is known as one of the best qualities in the world.