Discussion between the IPC Secretariat, Ministry of Plantation and Commodities and MPB, Malaysia.

 IPC  07/02/2023  1419
Kuching, Sarawak - A very meaningful and fruitful discussion between the International Pepper Community Secretariat, headed by Ms. Firna Azura Ekaputri Hj. Marzuki, Executive Director of IPC and Mr. Cheah Chee Fong, Undersecretary of IKL, Ministry of Plantation and Commodities, Malaysia together with Mdm. Jenny George, Acting DG of MPB on Malaysia’a preparation for hosting of the 51st IPC Session and Meetings this year. Currently, Malaysia is also the Chairman of IPC for 2023.

The main focus of the discussion is to collaborate strategically in order to ensure the smooth running and success of the IPC Session and Meetings this year hosted by Malaysia. The IPC Secretariat wishes Malaysia the best and a very successful 51st IPC Session and Meetings for 2023.