Meaningful Discussion with the Industry

 IPC  10/09/2022  2093
Together we are stronger! A very meaningful and fruitful meeting with Pak Kannan, IPC Former ED together with the Indonesian pepper key players, Mr. Kris Supa  (PT. Supa Surya Niaga) and Mr. Prakash Rao (PT Prava International) to discuss on how we can collaborate in order to elevate and value add the pepper industry on 5 September 2022. IPC is looking forward to welcoming more discussions and networking meetings with the pepper industry stakeholders to bring the industry to greater heights.

On 9 September 2022, the International Pepper Community (IPC) received a visit from Mr. Sarada De Silva, Chairman of the HVA Foods PLC Sri Lanka. The visit among others discussed on the current economic situation in Sri Lanka especially on the development of the pepper industry and how to revive from the economic crisis in order to ensure the sustainability of the pepper industry in the country.

Overall, the visit has contributed greatly to enhance IPC’s networking with its member countries and also to get insights on how to better develop the global pepper industry.