The 24th Meeting of IPC Committee on Quality

 ipc  14/09/2018  3148

During the 4th and 5th September 2018 the 24th Meeting of IPC Committee on Quality was held in Ho Chi Minh City hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture Vietnam and Vietnam Pepper Associations. The Quality Meeting, opened by Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien the Executive Director of IPC, was attended by quality experts from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.

The Meeting, chaired by Mrs. Chandrini M. Dewi from Indonesia, mainly discussed the harmonization of IPC Standard with CODEX Standard, Training Programme for Laboratories Personnel as well as Proficiency Testing Programme. A draft of the Booklet of the Good Manufacturing Practices in Indonesian Version was presented by Indonesian delegations in this Meeting for Members consideration.

Furthermore, this Meeting was also attended by representatives of Vietnam Business industries and Eurofins. The presence of Eurofins in the 24th IPC Committee on Quality was meant to present proposal for collaborative work between IPC and Eurofins. In the presentation of the Proposed activities Mr. Jaap Leendert Hengstmnegel, representative from Eurofins, elaborated aspects in which Eurofins would be able to lend its expertise to IPC. Discussion on the said matters resulted to the drafting of counter proposal by members of IPC. img