The 5th Meeting of the IPC Committee on Marketing

 ipc  26/07/2019  1764
Kochi, India. The 5th Meeting of IPC Committee on Marketing was held on 11 July 2019 in Kochi, India. This annual Meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India and Spices Board Govt. of India in collaboration with the International Pepper Community at the Empress Hotel Kochi. This one-day meeting which was officiated by Mr. M Saravanan, Director Plantation of Department of Commerce, was attended not only by trading experts from IPC member countries but it was also attended by Indian pepper industry like AISEF (All Indian Spices Exporter Forums and many other).

The continuous unfavorable price of pepper and other marketing issues were intensively discussed by the members of the Committee on Marketing. The Executive Director of IPC, Mrs. Hoang Thi Lien elaborated that as the global supply for pepper estimated to reach over 500 KMT, she suggested all pepper stakeholders to start initiating programme to promote more consumption in producing as well as consuming countries by advertising innovative benefits of pepper for the end consumer (i.e. health usage of pepper)

Furthermore, during the Meeting Mrs. Lien reminded the Committee on the Market Linkage Function of the IPC Farmers App. She also reminded that market linkage is a function that would help farmers to market their products. Therefore, Farmers App's implementation partners in respective countries such as AISEF in India should do more training activities to farmers. She further stated that as implementation partners for the IPC Farmers App India, AISEF has greatly supported IPC. Mr. Rajiv Palicha, Chairman of AISEF, stated that AISEF has conducted various training programme on IPC Farmers App for Indian Farmers and would continue the farmers training programme in the future.

As the conclusion of the Meeting, participants of the Meeting were invited to visit Kancor Mane's facility for value-added product of pepper. img