VPA organized Pepper Day in Vienam along with the VPA Annual Meeting

 ipc  03/05/2013  760
"The Vietnam Pepper Association has taken a lead in organizing the 2013 Pepper Day at Binh Quoi II Resort, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as part of the promotion programme launched by the IPC and member countries in 2013.

This event marked the first promotion programme being undertaken by the IPC and member countries in promoting the different uses and health benefit of pepper and also aimed at increasing the domestic consumption of pepper in the IPC member countries.

The Pepper Day organized by the Vietnam Pepper Association at Binh Quoi II Resort was arranged in the form of cooking competition was participated by eight participants representing the pepper producing and exporting companies in Vietnam, which are members of the VPA.

The Judge for the cooking competition which consists of the Chef of Binh Quoi Resort along with the three members of the VPA Executive Committee has unanimously selected the winners as follows:

First prize - PITCO Team (Petrolimex International Trading Joint stock Company) with the dish -Green Dragon-
Second Prize - CafeControl Team (Vietnam Superitendence& Inspection Joint stock Company for Export coffee & agricultural Products) with dish -Beef cooked with pate and green pepper-,
Third Prize were given to two teams, namely Phuc Sinh with -Beefsteak with green pepper sauce- and Simexco Dak Lak with -Old ground with green pepper sauce-.
The other 4 teams were also given Encouragement prizes, they were:
Intimex Group Joint Stock Company with -Salmon rolling green pepper-
Pepper Association Chu Se D-trict, Gia lai province with -Steamed chicken with pepper and lemon leaves--
Unispice Co. Ltd. with -beef cooked with green pepper-
An Huy BT Co. Ltd. with -Stomach green pepper stew-
The IPC would like to congratulate the Vietnam Pepper Association for organizing the Pepper Day along with its Annual Meeting successfully and all the participants who have contributed to the success of the event.

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