IPC Book on Good Manufacturing Practices for Pepper (P. nigrum L.) was launched

 ipc  02/03/2017  704
The International Pepper Community has recently published a new book titled Good Manufacturing Practices for Pepper (P. nigrum L.) as part of the IPC efforts in providing the guidelines to the pepper producers and those who are involved in the production and processing of pepper in improving the quality of all pepper and pepper products produced, traded and exported from the member countries of IPC.

The GMP Book (ISBN 978-979-99118-8-9) was developed to help pepper farmers, extension workers and traders with a set of best practices in producing and manufacturing good quality pepper products which are safe for the human consumption while safeguarding the interests of pepper producers.

Inputs have been received from the expert members of the IPC Committee on Quality namely Mr. K.R.K. Menon, Mrs. Chandrini M. Dewi, Mr. T.V. Zavier, Mr. Zehnder Jaroop, Mrs. Dyah Palupi, Mrs. Tushari Liyanage.

The Good Manufacturing Practices (Code of Hygienic Practices for Pepper and other Spices) published by IPC in 2013 has described the needs and rules but did not cover the way of reaching the target. As a result of last two years efforts of the IPC committee on Quality, Good Manufacturing Practices for Pepper (P. nigrum L.) will serve as a guideline for manufacturing superior quality Pepper and Pepper products with better acceptance by the consumers throughout the world.

Launching of the IPC Book Good Manufacturing Practices for Pepper 10 Jan. 2017, Jakarta

This book emphasizes the critical point of contamination of pepper during the process of harvesting, processing and storage and also the practices to be adapted to avoid or minimize such contaminations. Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) helps to avoid contaminations in the field and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and to maintain the intrinsic quality and to avoid subsequent contaminations during Post Harvest Practices.

The IPC wishes to thank Mr. WDL. Gunaratne, the Executive Director to ensure the printing and launching of IPC Book on Good Good Manufacturing Practices for Pepper (P. nigrum L.) on 10th January 2017 during the Special Session of IPC. Special thanks also go to expert members of Committee on Quality for their inputs contributed to the IPC Secretariat.

For more information about the IPC newly launched book - GMP, please contact the IPC Secretariat.