Sri Lanka has confirmed to host the 45th Annual Session and other Meetings of the International Pepper Community in Kandy.

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The 45th Annual Session of IPC will be organized by the Ministry of Primary Industry and Department of Export Agriculture in close collaboration with the private sector association of spices in Sri Lanka.

"We have studied the fluxes of community within October and November, 2017, and finally decided to have the 45th Session of IPC from 30th October-2nd November, 2017 in Kandy" said Eng. Bandula Wickramaarachchi, Chairman of the International Pepper Community for 2016-2017 who is also the Secretary of the Ministry of Primary Industries of Sri Lanka recently.

40th Annual Session of IPC hosted by Sri Lanka in Kandy during 30th Oct - 3rd Nov. 2012

While Venue for the 45th Session and Meetings of IPC is being finalized by the host country, Sri Lanka, the IPC Secretariat has liaising closely with the liaison offices of the IPC member countries and spice trade associations in the IPC member countries and other producing / consuming countries to make this year Global Pepper Conference a success.

Sri Lanka is one of the full member countries of the International Pepper Community. During 2016 production of Pepper in Sri Lanka was estimated around 19,500 MT, which is lower by more than 30% as compared to the output of pepper from Sri Lanka during 2015, which was reported to be around 28,177 MT. Unfavourable weather condition was one of the main reasons for the significant decrease.

Intercropping Pepper with Tea, in Sri Lanka

Intercropping Pepper with Tea, in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also produces other spices of very good quality like Cinnamon, Cloves, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cardamom etc.

Dr. MAPK Seneviratne, the Director General of the Department of Export Agriculture based in Kandy is the Liaison Officer of Sri Lanka to IPC