Lampung now has another modern pepper / spice processing unit

 ipc  05/01/2017  746
Lampung Province one of the most important pepper producing areas in Indonesia and is well known for its Lampong Black Pepper now has established a new and modern pepper/spice processing unit.

The Founder and CEO of PT Haldin Pacific Semesta with other officers posed in the plant

This newly opened pepper/spice processing unit owned and operated by PT Haldin Pacific Semestsa is located at Jalan Raya Lintas Sumatera, Desa Bumi Agung, Tegineneng of Pesawaran District of Lampung Province.

ǣThe plant which is equipped with steam sterilization unit, cryogenic spice grinding machines and quality resting laboratory is part of the commitment of PT Haldin Pacific Semesta in bringing technology and put value addition to the pepper and spice produced from Lampung and other parts of Indonesia for our customers said by Mr. Ali Haliman the Founder and CEO of PT Haldin Pacific Semesta during the grand opening of the Haldin-Lampung Plant on Monday, 21st November 2016.

Mr. WDL Gunaratne, Executive Director of IPC talked at the Grand Opening of the Haldin Plant in Lampung (photo IO/IPC)

He further added that PT Haldin has been in the ingredient business since 1993 and now the company main business activities includes liquid extraction, distillation and power technology.

The main ingredients products produced by the company including Pepper, Cassia, Coffee and Tea, Functional ingredients, Fruit and vegetables, Cosmetics and care, Cocoa and Vanilla, Essential Oils and the recent products group is seasoning ingredients.

The newly opened 5th Pepper/Spice Processing unit of PT Haldin Pacific Semesta, located in Jalan Raya Lintas Sumatera, Bumi Agung, Lampung Province (photo IO/IPC)

Executive Director, IPC, Mr. W.D.L. Gunaratne, attending the opening session, highlighted the importance of the use of modern technology in Spice industry to overcome trade barriers and reestablish the Pepper and other spices industry of Indonesia.