Sincere Condolences

 ipc  27/06/2016  747
Dr. Y.R. Sarma, born on 12th May 1942, was one of the Eminent Scientist devoted for Research and Development of Pepper and other Spices, was passed away on 19th May 2016. It is a great loss for the pepper and spice industry as he has contributed a lot of his expertise and experience for the betterment of the industry.

He had more than 35 years experience in the field of Crop Protection (Plant Pathology) of Spices & Plantation Crops with a major emphasis on Black pepper. He was also well conversant with plantation crops (coconut, arecanut, cashew, cocoa, coffee and other spices).

Dr. Sarma, who started his carrier vas a Researcher became the Director of Indian Institute of Spices Research from August 2000 - May 2002. Dr. Sarma's association with the International Pepper Community goes back for years. Dr. Sarma was the Chairman of the IPC Working Group to develop IPC Integrated Pests and Diseases Managements established in 2006/2007. He was also a member of the Working Group on Good Agricultural Practices and was the Editorial Board member of the IPC journal Focus on Pepper. Dr. Sarma had the resource person of the IPC in some of the IPC Technical Meetings and he was the chief editor of the IPC book on Diseases and Pests of Black Pepper (P. nigrum L.) published in 2013. He was also the Lead Consultant of the FAO project implemented in the three IPC countries of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam during 2006-2009.

One of his major research contributions to Pepper was the development of bio-control technology for foot rot disease of black pepper as a major component of IPM/IDM and development of disease resistance to P. capsici, the causal agent of foot rot of black pepper.

The International Pepper Community wishes to offer our deep condolences to the family members in this sad occasion of passing away of the great scientist, Dr. Y.R. Sharma.