IPC to revise the 2005 Pepper Production Guide with the latest update technology

 ipc  28/03/2016  569
The International Pepper Community with the support of the IPC Committee on R&D comprising of expert members form the IPC member countries of Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam is working on revising and updating the Pepper Production Guide to come up with the latest technology.

The new revised Pepper Production Guide which is expected to be ready and published by mid of 2016 will cover all aspects of pepper production, right from selection of land, choice of varieties, and planting to harvesting, processing and marketing as well as quality assurance process at the farm level. Inclusion of subjects such as cost of production/cultivation, management calendar, indicators for pests and diseases control along with the other quality related issues in the book is expected to make the book more informative and used as tool reference for the farmers.

The revised Pepper Production Guide will cover more than 200 pages including some full color pages with illustration / pictures.

Materials for the Pepper Guide were prepared by WDL Gunaratne, Executive Director of IPC and expert members of IPC namely Dr. M. Anandaraj of India, Dr. Agus Wahyudi and Dr. Dyah Manohara of Indonesia, Mr. Yap Chin Ann / Mr. Chen Yi Shang of Malaysia, Dr. Ananda Subasinghe of Sri Lanka and Dr. Bui Chi Buu of Vietnam.

The draft of the Pepper Production Guide will be discussed and considered by the IPC Committee on R&D at the next meeting to be held in Balikpapan, Kalimantan during 14-15 March 2016 for finalization and fine tuning.

Divided into 24 chapters, the new revised Pepper Production Guide is aimed at providing farmers, researchers, extension workers and officials with the most current documentation of technology related to the growing, production and marketing of pepper (Piper nigrum L.).