IPC to support GIZ-RED pepper project / programme implemented in the pepper growing areas of West Kalimantan

 ipc  09/03/2015  518
Two officials from the Sustainable Regional Economic Growth and Investment Program (SREGIP) / Regional Economic Development (RED) of the GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International, Mr. Glenn Jimmy Mandey and Ms. Nanik Rahmawati have visited the IPC office on 5th March 2015 and had discussion with the Executive Director of IPC on the pepper development in Indonesia and the programme being supported and implemented by GIZ in West Kalimantan.

The GIZ project for pepper is being implemented in the district of Sambas, Bengkayang and Singkawang.

The GIZ has started implementing project to support the development of pepper in West Kalimantan, Indonesia as a continuation of the earlier program implemented in this Province. According to Ms. Nanik, the current project is aimed at promoting the competitiveness and sustainable white pepper produced in the West Province of Kalimantan through strengthening the community based farmers organizations through improvement of the productivity and quality of pepper; access to the markets; promotion of the white pepper from West Kalimantan to provincial, national and international position and improving the access to information on technology and innovation on pepper market, processing and production

During the meeting it was also agreed that IPC will be willing to support the project supported and implemented by GIZ particularly on the dissemination of the technology and guidelines such as IPC Good Agricultural Practices, production of quality pepper planting materials to combat the disease problem. The GIZ consultant during the visit had also requested the IPC to join a familiarization visit to the selected pepper growing areas in West Kalimantan in the month of May.