IDH Sets up Office in Indonesia

 ipc  21/12/2012  772
The Sustainable Trade Initiative established its regional office in Indonesia. Asia Regional Director Daniel Hazman explains IDH objectives in Indonesia.

Sustainability is a growing trend everywhere, also in developing nations, such as Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia. The development is most prominent in sectors and countries that have strong supply to the United States and Europe. This could help explain why Mexico and Brazil, which supply a lot to the United States and Europe, appear to be ahead of Indonesia, who in turn exports primarily to India and China.

Public awareness is also the key to sustainability, and the government plays an essential role in raising public awareness. In Brazil, public awareness about the importance sustainability is high, because everyone has been taught in school about the ecological importance of the of the Amazon rainforest. Indonesia has made good strides in committing to sustainability. For instance, it has a 2020 target to reduce 26% of the greenhouse gas emission, or 41% with international supports. Additionally, Indonesia has applied a moratorium for new permits on primary natural forests and peat lands.

In Indonesia, IDH has been working in cocoa, tea and tropical timber. New programs in development include coffee, shrimps, palm oil, and spices. IDH is willing to co-fund projects from multinational as well as local companies in Indonesia that are endeavoring to develop a more sustainable supply chain in these sectors, e.g. increasing productivity and quality, increasing farmers- livelihood, and reducing the environmental impact of producing these commodities.

The International Pepper Community would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Netherlands based organization, IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) for opening its office in Indonesia.

For more information on the program activities in Asia contact our Asia Regional Director, Daniel Hazman or visit

Source: IDH, the Netherlands