ipc  25/02/2015  540
Mr. WDL Gunaratne on 22nd January 2015 visited Sarongge Valley of the Pasir Sarongge Tea Garden complex to have a meeting and discussion with Dr. Rohayati, head of R&D of the Tea Research Institute and other scientists. This meeting was as a follow up of the earlier discussion at the Spice Seminar held in Bandung, Indonesia, last November 2014, whereby there was a request from the floor to have the support and expertise of IPC on the possibility of developing intercropping Pepper with Tea at the selected suitable Tea Plantations in Indonesia.

Among other officers joined the meeting was Dr. Djoko Santoso, Sr. Researcher, Mr. Adi Irianto, Agronomist of the Tea Research Institute and Mr. Nur Haryanto, Information Officer of IPC.

Dr. Rohayati, Head of the R&D of the Tea Research Institute in the meeting has repeated her interest to introduce the intercropping Pepper and Tea at the selected Tea Plantations, taking into consideration of the low prices hit the tea industry in the world tea market and the success of such intercropping taken place in India and Sri Lanka. She briefly informed about the current situation of the tea production and industry in Indonesia and request IPC to extend its support to the idea by providing necessary assistance and expertise in respect of the Pepper cultivation.

The Executive Director of IPC, Mr. Gunaratne handed over a set of IPC Book/Guidelines to Dr. Rohayati for further study and future reference. Dr Rohayati received a book titled IPC/FAO Pepper Production Guide

Mr. Gunaratne in detail explained about the situation of the intercropping in Sri Lanka and further suggested to have another meeting involving the other concerned agencies in Indonesia, like Spice Research Institute of Spices (BALITTRO), Ministry of Agriculture to discuss further about the plan and ensure the supply of healthy planting material and other guidelines on nursery management, use of live supports, possible pest and diseases and other important items including identification of suitable tea lands considering the suitability for intercropping with Pepper.

Mr. Gunaratne, ED of IPC and Dr. Rohayati were in discussion during the visit to one of the Tea Garden in Pasir Sarongge, Cianjur.