IPC supported a Group of Pepper Farmer in Purbalingga, Central Java in developing a Model of Pepper Nursery

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The IPC has visited the pepper growing area in Purbalingga on 5th - 6th June 2014, to help a group of pepper farmers in developing a model of pepper nursery by following the IPC GAP. Purbalingga, is located in Central Java Province and is the important pepper growing area in the island, with the acreage around 600HA and annual production at around 600 MT.

The IPC with the support of BALITTRO, the Indonesian Spices and Medicinal Crops Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and their two experts have demonstrated the nursery at the garden with the presence of all the members of ASPALAGA (Association of Pepper Farmers in Purbalingga). This initiative was undertaken after considering the request of the pepper farmers in Purbalingga (ASPALAGA).

Training on GAP was given to pepper farmers in Purbalingga.

Mr. Dadang, expert from Balittro demonstrating the correct ways in developing a good pepper nursery

Mr. S. Kannan shown the soil to be used in the polybag for nursery

Mr. Yogy, Chairman of the ASPLAGA is practicing

Mr. S. Kannan, the two experts from Balittro, Dr. Sukamto and Mr. Dadang, and the farmers group
at a garden where a demonstration of developing a model of nursery is being developed by the farmers- group
in Purbalingga with the supports form IPC, BALITTRO, and Office of Agriculture, Purbalingga

The Executive Director of IPC during the visit commented that the methods being followed by the pepper farmers need to be improved and corrected. He further assured pepper farmers that the technology demonstrated by the experts from Balittro, Dr. Sukamto and Mr. Dadang at the garden, will help the pepper farmers in Purbalingga to get better planting materials which are pests and diseases resistant and will have higher productivity.

It is expected that nursery development supported by the IPC to the ASPALAGA, the farmers group in Purbalingga will encourage the other farmers- groups in this area to develop better nursery with the support of the local government in producing the healthy and good planting materials.