Celebration of IPC's Golden Anniversary and International Pepper Day

 IPC  22/04/2022  2240

16 April 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the International Pepper Community (IPC) since its establishment in 1972. The agreement of establishing the International Pepper Community was first drawn up at the Meeting of the Inter-Governmental Consultation on the Pepper Community held at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East in Bangkok, attended by the representative of the Government of India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The first three founding members of the agreement to establish the International Pepper Community were India, Indonesia and Malaysia while Brazil later joined in 1981 (withdrew in 2017), Sri Lanka joined in 2002 and Viet Nam in 2005.

Ms. Firna Azura Ekaputri Hj. Marzuki

On this momentous day in order to commemorate the milestone, IPC has organized the celebration of the IPC’s 50th Anniversary in conjunction with the International Pepper Day. The celebration was opened with the welcome remarks by the Executive Director of the IPC, Ms. Firna Azura Ekaputri Hj. Marzuki who reminded though many has been achieved over 50 years, challenges remain for IPC along the way and IPC needs to stay the course and stand united to weather the current tide of complicated developments and global situations ranging in ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, instability of pepper prices, disruption in logistic, stringent rules and regulations for pepper trade and climate change. She also mentioned that, as an international organization, IPC will ensure its role as an effective player in the development of the global pepper industry and capable of playing bigger roles in responding as one to global challenges. All IPC member countries must come together to strengthen our networking and address global challenges in solidarity.

Mr. Djatmiko Bris Witjaksono

During the celebration which was officiated by Mr. Djatmiko Bris Witjaksono, Liaison Officer of Indonesia to IPC and Director General of International Trade Negotiation Ministry of Trade Indonesia, the winners of the IPC50 Logo Design and Photography Competition have been announced as well as the launching of the IPC50 Logo. Congratulations to Mr. Dhimas Bagas from Indonesia, the winner for logo design and Mr. Muhammad Syafiq Muhammad from Malaysia, the winner for photography competition and thank you to everyone who has participated in the competition.


IPC also hand over the Award of IPC Award Excellence in Export of Value-Added Pepper and Pepper Product for 2020 to PT. Haniori Indonesia which was represented by Mr. Richard Roderica Jonathan.

Mr. Richard Roderica Jonathan

Besides, in conjunction with the celebration of the International Pepper Day, IPC has organized the IPC50 mini webinar with the theme, “Evolution of the Pepper Industry: Expanding the Global Consumption through the Value-Add Products and Innovations and invited Pepper Secret Indonesia and the Malaysian Pepper Board (MPB) as the guest speakers. During the presentation, Pepper Secret Indonesia which was represented by its founder Ms. Yosefin Rosalia Wijaya, shared on how pepper wastes could be transformed into a useful and high monetary valued product like essential oil, soap, balm and many others. Meanwhile, Mr. Augustine Joseph Buchol, Research Officer of the Research and Quality Development Division, MPB talked about the variety of product innovated by utilizing pepper as well as its technical aspect. The full video presentation of IPC50 webinar can be viewed as below:

International Pepper Community
Jakarta, Indonesia
22 April 2022