The IPC Farmers App - Market Linkage

 ipc  06/07/2019  2638

The IPC Farmers App for pepper has a novel functionality called Market Linkage. This is to assist farmers as well as traders to connect with each other commercially. Through this feature, farmers will be able to announce to potential buyers about the quality, quantity and expected price of his produce.

Dear farmer friends!

Are you looking for assistance in selling your pepper? There is a section specially made for you in the IPC Pepper Farmers App. Please click on the "My Offers" on the mobile app home screen. Here you can enter the quantity, grade and expected price for your pepper. This will be seen my many potential buyers in your region. If these buyers send you a counter offer, it will be visible in the "History View" in the same screen. You can click on a counter offer to see the contact details of the buyer and call him directly. Please let us know if you require any support in using this feature. A screen shot is attached for your easy understanding.