IPC Collaborative Ventures

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The continuous declining trend of world pepper these past few years has been the biggest challenge of the pepper industry. It needs the effort of every elements in the industry to work together in answering this challenge. International Pepper Community, an inter-governmental organization consist of pepper producing countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam, believes that in achieving the goal collaborative efforts must be ventured. IPC feels collaborations with relevant organization of the industry would be of great benefits, thus, driving IPC to accept the invitation for collaboration proposed by China Spice Association and Eurofins.

The collaboration with China Spice Association will revolve in creating platform and conductive environment for sharing of information and supporting respective roles, project or events. IPC feels that this collaboration will provide more insights to the condition of the pepper industry in China. Furthermore, the collaborative venture will surely open up more opportunities to strengthen the market penetration in China.

In collaborating with Eurofins, IPC believes that the venture will create a platform and conductive environment in strengthening the pepper supply chain by mutual collaboration. Eurofins as the world leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical product testing and agroscience CRO services, will be able to provide and help IPC member countries with insights on quality issues and requirements of the European markets. This collaborative venture between IPC and Eurofins is with the hope of accommodating IPC member countries with easier access to European market.

Both collaborative ventures are honored in the form of Memorandum of Understanding signed at the 46th Annual Session and Meetings of IPC during 1st - 4th October 2018 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. img

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