Dear International Pepper Community Family,

As the new Executive Director of the International Pepper Community, I believe that we are only as strong as the organization we keep and I can say with confidence that we are surrounded by the best people with the biggest hearts in the global pepper industry.

I recognize that the IPC holds a very important role as a Community organizer of the global pepper industry and it’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. My goal is to preserve and build upon the incredible, 49-year-old legacy that this organization has while simultaneously looking toward the future of the pepper industry with growth in mind. Luckily, we have the right people on our side. We have enthusiastic, committed member countries and stakeholders, a knowledgeable and passionate IPC team with decades of experience between them and a Community full of pepper exporters and researchers who never fail to say ‘yes’.

Our IPC goal is to utilize each precious dollar and time wisely to achieve the greater good of measured, impactful social change for the betterment of the global pepper industry. No matter how our organization continues to evolve, our number one goal will always be to ensure that the stakeholders especially the pepper smallholders in our Community are well taken care of especially during these trying times.

I would also like to thank my predecessor, Madam Hoang Thi Lien for her contribution and dedication to the IPC for the past five years which have brought tremendous change to IPC and the global pepper industry as well.

Finally yet importantly, you are a crucial friend to IPC, and I want you to know that my door is always open for all of you. In the coming months, I plan to do a lot of listening to better understand where we are as an organization and where we need to be to bring our global pepper industry to greater heights. Each of you has a unique perspective on the needs of our Community and I’m eager to hear your thoughts. And I always believe that two heads are better than one. So let’s work hand-in-hand for the better future of the pepper industry.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at ed@ipcnet.org or +60178679300. And I’m looking forward together to working together with all of you!

With gratitude,

Firna Azura Ekaputri Marzuki