AIM Heat Pump Dehydration Dryer Helps Pepper Growers During Rainy Season

Almost every rainy season, pepper growers in Southeast Asia face losses due to untimely drying. The same thing happened to coffee bean growers. Typical examples are growers in Vietnam and Indonesia. In past 10 years, some pepper and coffee beans growers from northern Vietnam and Indonesian bearing huge losses due to they couldn’t be dried in time.

AIM bucket/bin type dryer will help growers to solve the problem of drying in the rainy season. We have dehydrators suitable for small growers, which can dry 50kg-150kg of products at a time, and dehydrators suitable for large processing plants, which can dry 5ton-20ton at a time.

AIM Bucket Type Dryer For 50kg-150kg Dehydrating

AIM pepper dehydrator is very simple to operate, put the freshly harvested pepper in the bucket along with the branches and leaves and run the machine until the drying is complete. Dried pepper can be easily separated from the branches and leaves.

AIM Bin Type Dryer For 5ton-20ton Dehydrating

Since we use heat pump technology, the power consumption is only 25%-30% of ordinary electric heating, and the use cost is very low; moreover the low temperature drying of the heat pump maintains the high quality of the product. No matter how long the rainy season is, our machines guarantee the output and quality of the dried pepper, help the growers to avoid losses.

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