About IPC



The International Pepper Community is an intergovernmental organization of pepper producing countries. The Community now includes India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam as permanent members and Papua New Guinea, Philippines as an associate member.
The IPC was established in 1972 under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP). The IPC Secretariat is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and is headed by an executive director.

Membership to the Community is open to all pepper producing countries, with the unanimous consent of the existing members and by acceding to the agreement establishing the Pepper Community.


The representatives of member countries hold the office of the chairman. Each chairman holds the office for one year.


The Community carries out its functions through its Secretariat based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The IPC secretariat is regulated by the government of Indonesia and is headed by the executive director appointed for a stipulated period at the session of the Community.


For executing its functions the IPC Secretariat coordinates with member countries through a network of liaison Officers. Their responsibilities include the development of the pepper industry and national focal points that deal with pepper in their respective countries.


The International Pepper Community maintains close contacts with the United Nations Organization and its special agencies. For carrying out its functions smoothly and effectively, the Community consults and seeks assistance from these experts.


Year Executive Director Country Chairman Country IPC Conference
2023 Firna Azura Ekaputri Malaysia Mr. Chee Fong Cheah Malaysia Kuching, Sarawak
2022 Firna Azura Ekaputri Malaysia Ms. A.P.P. Disna Sri Lanka 2022 Hybrid – Bali
2021 Firna Azura Ekaputri Malaysia Mr. Djatmiko Bris Witjaksono Indonesia 2021 Online – Jakarta
2020 Hoang Thi Lien Viet Nam Shri D Sathiyan IFS India 2020 Online – Jakarta
2019 Hoang Thi Lien Viet Nam Mr. Chu Van Chuong Viet Nam 2019 Vung Tau Viet Nam
2018 Hoang Thi Lien Viet Nam Mr. Ravi Muthayah Malaysia 2018 Putrajaya Malaysia
2017 Hoang Thi Lien Viet Nam Mr. Bandula Wikramarachchi Sri Lanka 2017 Kandy Sri Lanka
2016 WDL Gunaratne Sri Lanka Mr. Iman Pambagyo Indonesia 2016 Jakarta Indonesia
2015 WDL Gunaratne Sri Lanka Dr. A. Jayathilak India 2015 Mysore India
2014 WDL Gunaratne Sri Lanka Mr. Tran Kim Long Viet Nam 2014 Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam
2013 Subramanian Kannan India Mr. Samsudin Noor Malaysia 2013 Serawak Malaysia
2012 Subramanian Kannan India Mr. Vajira Narampanawa Sri Lanka 2012 Colombo Sri Lanka
2011 Subramanian Kannan India Mr. Gusmardi Bustami Indonesia 2011 Lombok Indonesia
2010 Subramanian Kannan India Mr. V.J. Kurian India 2010 Cochin India
2009 Dede Kusuma Idris Indonesia Mr. Odilson Luiz Ribeiro e Silva Brazil 2009 Belem Brazil
2008 Dede Kusuma Idris Indonesia Ms. Hoang Thi Dzung Viet Nam 2008 Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam
2007 Dede Kusuma Idris Indonesia Ms. Nurmala Abd. Rahim Malaysia 2007 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2006 Anandan A. Abdullah Malaysia Dr. Illangasinghe Sri Lanka 2006 Kandy Sri Lanka
2005 Anandan A. Abdullah Malaysia Mr. Dede Kusuma Edi Idris Indonesia 2005 Bali Indonesia
2004 Anandan A. Abdullah Malaysia Dr. Pos M. Hutabarat Indonesia 2004 Yogyakarta Indonesia
2003 KPG Menon India Shri C. J. Jose, IAS India 2003 Cochin India
2002 KPG Menon India Mr. Saadul Baharim Abdul Mutalib Malaysia 2002 Serawak Malaysia
2001 KPG Menon India Mr. Roberto Proeca Passarinho Brazil 2001 Belem Brazil
2000 KPG Menon India Dr. Somkid Distaporn Thailand 2000 Chiang May Thailand
1999 KPG Menon India Mr. MAR Kularatne Sri Lanka 1999 Colombo Sri Lanka
1998 Dr. SN Darwis Indonesia MR. IGK Mendra Indonesia 1998 Bali Indonesia
1997 Dr. SN Darwis Indonesia Mr. V. Jayasangkar India 1997 Cochin India
1996 Dr. SN Darwis Indonesia Mr. Amha Buang Malaysia 1996 Serawak Malaysia
1995 Dr. SN Darwis Indonesia Mrs. Emidio Coelho Pereira Brazil 1995 Belem Brazil
1994 Mohamed Ismail Malaysia Mrs. Maliwan Rattanapruk Thailand 1994 Chiang May Thailand
1993 Mohamed Ismail Malaysia Mr. Zulkifli Siregar Indonesia 1993 Bali Indonesia
1992 Mohamed Ismail Malaysia Mr. T. Nanda Kumar India 1992 Madras India
1991 Mohamed Ismail Malaysia Mr. Anuar Khabar Malaysia 1991 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1990 Mohamed Ismail Malaysia Mr. Richardo LG Alves Brazil 1990 Belem Brazil
1989 AG Nasution Indonesia Mr. Daojat Husnan Indonesia 1989 Yogyakarta Indonesia
1988 AG Nasution Indonesia Mr. M.R. Sivaraman India 1988 Goa India
1987 AG Nasution Indonesia Mr. Ahmad Zubeir Hj. Noordin Malaysia 1987 Serawak Malaysia
1986 AG Nasution Indonesia Mr. Valdemar Carneiro Leao Brazil 1986 Salvador Brazil
1985 AG Nasution Indonesia Mr. Janus J Pitoy Indonesia 1985 Surabaya Indonesia
1984 LN Saklani India Mr. Badrinath India 1984 Bombay India
1983 LN Saklani India Mohd. Yusof Basir Malaysia 1983 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1982 LN Saklani India Mr. Luiz Henrique Pereira de Fonseca Brazil 1982 Belem Brazil
1981 LN Saklani India Mr. Bujang bin H. Ulis Malaysia 1981 Bali Indonesia
1980 LN Saklani India Mr. Darry Salim Indonesia 1980 Cochin India
1979 LN Saklani India H. Ismail bin H. Ahmad Malaysia 1979 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1978 LN Saklani India Dr. Sumardi Reskoputranto Indonesia 1978 Yogyakarta Indonesia
1977 LN Saklani India Mr. Mohan Dharia India 1977 New Delhi India
1976 LN Saklani India Ms. Adawiyah Zakaria Malaysia 1976 Bangkok Thailand
1975 UN-ESCAP Thailand Mr. A.C. George India 1975 Bangkok Thailand
1974 UN-ESCAP Thailand Mr. A.C. George India 1974 Bangkok Thailand
1973 UN-ESCAP Thailand Mr. A.C. George India 1973 Bangkok Thailand
1972 UN-ESCAP Thailand Mr. A.C. George India 1972 Bangkok Thailand