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The functions of International Pepper Community are to promote, co-ordinate and harmonize all activities relating to the pepper economy. To achieve these goals, IPC has disseminated the information on development of pepper production and industry to all stakeholders in producing as well as consuming countries. This Information will be used by respective countries as a base for planning and implementing future activities. Information obtained will provide realistic picture on the current industry scenario and also how the situation changed with time series.

Pepper Statistical Yearbook of the IPC is recognized as the main source of information on pepper industry published annually. It contains serial data on area, production, export, import, consumption, and price of pepper and pepper products for the last five year (2013-2017). Import and export data from the major non-member countries have also been covered in this publication.

Year 2017 showed that the total area under pepper cultivation has reduced to 1.26%. Nevertheless, total world pepper production has increased 18.17% with 17.73% increment in black pepper and 12.39% in white pepper. Production increase was prominent in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, and Cambodia. Information collected also showed that the total pepper exports by producing countries have shown an increase trend (18.99%). As the overall statistics indicates, IPC and all the other players who are interest on pepper industry must look the global pepper production and consumption patterns at different perspective by keeping an age-old assumption a side.

The cooperation and support from ITC Geneva, FAO, and the IPC member countries in providing information is of important to ensure inclusive and efficient information dissemination and at the same time helped to maintain more reliable source of information.

The efforts made by Mr. Moh. Taufiq W.H, the Statistical Officer and Mr. Galih Perwara, the Statistical Assistant to collect information, convert to attractive tabular or graphical presentations and compilation of the Statistical Yearbook 2017 is highly appreciated. My acknowledgments also given to Mr. Yadi Suryadi, EDP Assistant, for his contribution to design cover page.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Coreimex, Royal Golden General Trading LLC., CSG Trade, and ABEP for assisting and partnering with the International Pepper Community in analyzing pepper statistical data in Brazil. My appreciation also to all the officers from member countries as well as relevant agencies & institutions supported to bring out this useful publication. The International Pepper Community would be very happy to receive your comments and suggestions on this publication for improving its contents and format.

Jakarta, 27th September 2018

Hoang Thi Lien
Executive Director,
International Pepper Community