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The International Pepper Community is an intergovernmental organization of pepper producing countries. The Community now includes Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam as full members and Papua New Guinea as an associate member.

The IPC was established in 1972 under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP). The IPC Secretariat is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and is headed by an Executive Director.

Membership to the Community is open to all pepper producing countries, on the unanimous consent of the existing members and by accession to the Agreement Establishing the Pepper Community.


Representatives of member countries hold the office of Chairman. Each Chairman holds office for one year.

The Secretariat

The Community carries out its functions through its Secretariat based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The IPC Secretariat is hosted by the Government of Indonesia and is headed by the Executive Director appointed for a stipulated period at a Session of the Community.

Liaison Officers and IPC Focal Points

In executing its function the IPC Secretariat coordinates with member countries through a network of Liaison Officers who are responsible for the development of the pepper industry and national focal points which are dealing with pepper in their respective countries.

Relationship with the United Nations agencies

The International Pepper Community maintains close contacts with the United Nations organization and its special agencies. In carrying out its functions smoothly and effectively, the Community consults and seeks assistance from these experts.