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The primary function of the IPC is timely dissemination of more authentic and reliable data on production, export, import, price, area under cultivation etc. to the pepper industry. In this effort, we are pleased to publish Pepper Statistical Yearbook 2012 for benefit of the industry.

The vision of this compilation of data is more or less self contained and easy to refer on the export, import, production and price, besides other details of the pepper industry.

This publication has compilation of export and import data on pepper and pepper products both in quantity and value from all the member countries with breakup of destination wise import and export for the last five years. Major non member countries’ import and export date have also been covered in this publication.

For the first time product wise and source wise import and export date both in quantity and value terms from 34 consuming countries from 2008 to 2012 were compiled. Details on destination wise export of pepper and pepper products from non member countries were also tabulated for the same period.

I would like to make special mention of two agencies viz ITC Geneva and FAO for sharing the required data, which made this publication more meaningful. In spite of our best efforts to get more details on inter-country trade among the EU Member Countries, cross border trade from pepper producing countries and consumption, full data were not available for compilation.

Since, the pepper prices are ruling high, tight supply with negligible carry over stock with exporters and importers; we hope this data will facilitate the industry to make a study for understanding the future.

This compilation of the Statistical Yearbook 2012 is the result of the best effort of Mr. Moh. Taufiq W.H, the Statistical Officer of the IPC. I place on record my sincere appreciation for his service to restart the compilation and publishing updated Yearly Statistics since 2011. I also appreciate Mr. Yadi Suryadi, EDP Assistant, for producing the publication in the CD format.

I compliment all those agencies & institutions, who have supported to bring out this useful publication. The IPC would be very happy to receive your expert views and suggestions on this publication for improving its contents and format.

30th October 2013

Executive Director
International Pepper Community