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The IPC has launched its advanced and user friendly website which provides updated data on production, export, quality standards, programs for development & promotion of pepper industry and other value added services, speedy browsing and easy access to technical information for the development of the International Pepper Community.

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Hoang Thi Lien
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WPB Week #37/17, 11 - 15 September 2017
The market was quiet during the week under review. Except in Sri Lanka, the price of black pepper at most origin decreased. This was mainly due to weak of overseas demand. Buyers were expecting to get lower price. Moreover, pepper harvest in Brazil which is anticipated to be better from last year harvest is now going on. Reliable source in Brazil reported that production of pepper this year is possible to achieve 50.000 Mt, which is 5,000 Mt higher than production volume achieved in 2016. Under this situation, market pressure seems to be there. Trade source in New Jersey reported that FOB price of Brazil Asta black is at the level of US$ 4,200 per Mt for September/October shipment. Royal Golden General Trading reported that FOB price of Basta at the level of US$ 3,750 to 3,850, B1 US$ 3,700-3,800 and B2 US$ 3,600-3,700 per Mt respectively.

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Pepper/Spice Exhibition at Kandy, Sri Lanka, 30th Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2017
The IPC in close collaboration with the Ministry of Primary Industries and the Department of Export Agriculture is making arrangements to organise Pepper/Spice Exhibition in conjunction with the 45th Annual Session of the IPC. The exhibition will be held at the same venue with the 45th Session at Earl's Regency Kandy, Sri Lanka from 30th October - 2nd November 2017.

The IPC encourages Exporters of pepper and other spices from the IPC member countries to take part at this year Pepper/Spice Exhibition to exhibit and promote the pepper/spice products at this year Session. Manufacturers of pepper/spice processing machineries are also invited to take part at the exhibition which will be attended by leading pepper/spices players, producers, exporters, processors and government officials from the IPC member countries and also other producing and consuming countries.

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Market Review - July 2017
Pepper market showed a mixed response with a slight increasing trend in July 2017. In Viet Nam, Lampung and Bangka the price of pepper increased; while price in Kochi, Sarawak, Sri Lanka  and  China decreased.

Pepper Price Index in July has increased by 2.78 points for black pepper and 1.48 points for white pepper from 58.62 and 59.80 respectively in June 2017 (Table 1). The composite price of black pepper increased by 4.7% to US$ 4,567 per MT in July from US$ 4,360 in June 2017, while that of white pepper increased by 2.5% from US$ 6,188 per MT in June 2017 to US$ 6,341 in July 2017 (Table 2) respectively. Increased price in Viet Nam and Indonesia as the first and  second largest pepper suppliers have influenced on the formation of composite price index in July 2017.

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Sarawak pepper still a world-renowned brand

The Borneo Post: SRI AMAN: Sarawak pepper remains a renowned brand worldwide with its quality ranked among the best of all pepper producing countries. Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur, said Sarawak pepper has made Malaysians proud given the high quality of the commodity.

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03 Apr - 07 Apr 2017

Brazil, Ex- Para 0
India, Ex-Kochi 0
Indonesia, Ex-Lampung 5,252
Malaysia, Ex-Kuching 4,449
Vietnam, Ex-HCMC4,822
Sri Lanka 0
Indonesia, Ex-Pkl.Pinang 8,253
Malaysia, Ex-Kuching 6,762
Vietnam, Ex-HCMC 6,495
China, Ex-Hainan 10,153

Belem ASTA0
Kochi ASTA0
Lampung ASTA5,257
Kuching ASTA4,339
Ho Chi Minh 500g/l4,805
Ho Chi Minh 550g/l7,921
Pangkal Pinang FAQ8,260
Kuching FAQ6,781
Ho Chi Minh FAQ6,472
Haikou FAQ0

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