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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new IPC Website which provides important and useful information to improve our understanding and interaction with all the stake holders of the pepper industry and an indispensable source of information for pepper community.

The IPC has launched its advanced and user friendly website which provides updated data on production, export, quality standards, programs for development & promotion of pepper industry and other value added services, speedy browsing and easy access to technical information for the development of the International Pepper Community.

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W.D.L. Gunaratne
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WPB Week #42/16, 17 - 21 October 2016
The market showed a mixed response during the week. In Vietnam and Lampung, local prices of black pepper decreased marginally, while in Sri Lanka increased. In India and Sarawak the prices were reported stable. In the case of white pepper, the price has decreased in Bangka and China. Stable price of white pepper as recorded in Sarawak. Currently, activity in the market was limited. Less demand seems to be the main reason for the situation. Although pepper harvest in Lampung has over and clearly resulted lower output, buyers are still reluctant to extend coverage, expecting to get more competitive price from Brazil which is now in the peak of harvesting season. 

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Mr. Eng. BANDULA Wickramaarachchi Secretary of Ministry of Primary Industries of Sri Lanka, is the Chairman of IPC for 2016/2017
The Chairmanship of IPC was handed over to Sri Lanka from Indonesia at the 44th session of IPC held in Jakarta, Indonesia and Mr. Wickramaarachchi, the Secretary to the Ministry of Primary Industries in Sri Lanka, is the current chairman of IPC, representing the cabinet Ministry responsible for the Pepper and other Spice crops Research and Development in Sri Lanka.  Mr. Wickramaarachchi is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka, and graduated as a Charted Engineer. He holds a B.Sc. Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Mr. Wickramaarachchi holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental science and also in Geo-informatics and currently reading for a Ph.D in sustainable development. 

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Market Review - September 2016
In September 2016 the market was relatively quiet with limited activity. More active trading was taking place only in Vietnam following good harvest resulted during the year. Except in India and Sri Lanka, pepper prices decreased during the month under review. 

Pepper price index has shown a declining trend. Price index of black pepper decreased by 5.18 points and decreased by 4.82 points for white pepper. (Table 1). The composite price of black pepper decreased by 4.6% to US$ 7,935 per Mt from US$ 8,320 in August 2016 and composite price of white pepper  also decreased by 4.3% from US$ 11,622 per Mt in August 2016 to US$ 11,122 in September 2016. Although pepper price in India increased, the composite price in September 2016 recorded the lowest in 2016 (Table 2).  Decreasing price during the situation of lower production reflected demand for pepper from the importing countries lower this year.

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6 Negara IPC Tinjau Perkebunan Lada di Desa Batuah

TENGGARONG – Enam negara anggota International Pepper Community (IPC) yaitu India, Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam, Srilanka, termasuk Indonesia mengunjungi perkebunan lada di Desa Batuah kecamatan Loa Janan, Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar), Rabu (16/3).

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15 Aug - 19 Aug 2016

Brazil, Ex- Para 0
India, Ex-Kochi 10,313
Indonesia, Ex-Lampung 7,178
Malaysia, Ex-Kuching 6,273
Vietnam, Ex-HCMC7,170
Sri Lanka 8,521
Indonesia, Ex-Pkl.Pinang 10,201
Malaysia, Ex-Kuching 9,800
Vietnam, Ex-HCMC 8,621
China, Ex-Hainan 0

Belem ASTA0
Kochi ASTA10,322
Lampung ASTA7,245
Kuching ASTA6,383
Ho Chi Minh 500g/l7,152
Ho Chi Minh 550g/l8,425
Pangkal Pinang FAQ10,296
Kuching FAQ10,763
Ho Chi Minh FAQ8,621
Haikou FAQ0

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