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6 Negara IPC Tinjau Perkebunan Lada di Desa Batuah
TENGGARONG – Enam negara anggota International Pepper Community (IPC) yaitu India, Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam, Srilanka, termasuk Indonesia mengunjungi perkebunan lada di Desa Batuah kecamatan Loa Janan, Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar), Rabu (16/3).


Tengah Tahun Ini, Bappebti Luncurkan Sistem Resi Gudang Mobile

JAKARTA, - Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi (Bappebti) akan meluncurkan Sistem Resi Gudang (SRG) Mobile pada pertengahan tahun ini. SRG Mobile diharapkan dapat memberikan kemudahan bagi petani dan produsen.  

Kepala Bappebti Sutriono Edi pada Pertemuan Tahunan Pemangku Usaha SRG dan PLK di Jakarta, Rabu (10/2/2016), mengatakan, keunggulan SRG Mobile yakni dalam hal registrasi anggota SRG, melakukan transaksi resi gudang, mengakses harga harian komoditi, dan jadwal pelaksanaan pasar lelang. 


Pepper output likely to fall by half on erratic rains

Erratic rain has hit black pepper production. Latest estimates from producing states show in the harvest season beginning December, the output will be 50 per cent lower. Estimates by growers and dealers from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu indicates overall production will stand at 30,000-35,000 tonnes, against 70,0000 tonnes in the last season.


Tanaman Lada Mulai Menguning

KOBA - Petani tanaman lada  di  Kabupaten  Bangka  Tengah,  Provinsi  Bangka  Belitung  mulai  kesulitan  sumber  air  akibat  musim  kemarau  panjang  yang  sudah berlangsung dalam beberapa  bulan  ini.  Daun  tanaman  lada  sudah  menguning  akibat  dilanda kemarau.


Supply crunch, rising prices make Indian black pepper uncompetitive

KOCHI: Supply crunch and the subsequent increase in prices have made the Indian black pepper uncompetitive in global markets, robbing exporters the opportunity to take advantage of a decline in rupee rates against the US dollar. Local prices are currently hovering in the range of Rs 625 to Rs 645 a kg, and they are likely to rise further in the next few weeks, making it difficult for exporters. In 2014-15, Indian black pepper exports stood at 21,450 tonnes, valued at Rs 1,208 crore, showing a marginal rise in quantity and 29% in value. "At present, rates of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Brazil are lower than India. While the three countries are selling in the range of $9,300 to $9,900 a tonne, the rate here is $10,300 a tonne," said leading exporter Kishor Shamji. Vietnam, the largest producer and exporter of pepper, is on a par with India as it has sold most of its stock. Pepper production has been below expectation, leading to the firming up of prices in the domestic market. 


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Category Product: Fennel
Post by: Seeyee Spices &Seasoning Co.,Ltd., Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Western China Origin Fennel sold
80% green 60% green 30% green

Category Product: Fennel
Post by: , Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Fennel seed for sales
Small Seed Medium Seed Bold Seed Steam Sterilized Jute bag HDPE bag Paper bag 20 Kg 25 Kg 40 Kg 50 Kg 98 % Purity 99 % Purity 99.5 % Purity (Sorted) Steam sterilized ETO treated

Category Product: Corriander
Post by: , Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Coriander seed for sale
Badami Eagle Single Parrot Double Parrot Jute bag HDPE bag Paper bag 20 Kg 25 Kg 40 Kg 97 % Purity 98 % Purity 99 % Purity Whole seeds with Max 5% Split 70 % Whole and 30% Split 100 % Split ETO treated Steam sterilized

Category Product: Cummin
Post by: , Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Cumin seed for sale
Small Seed Medium Seed Bold Seed Steam Sterilized Jute bag HDPE bag Paper bag 20 Kg 25 Kg 40 Kg 50 Kg 97 % Purity 98 % Purity 99 % Purity Color Sorted

Category Product: Black Pepper, Whole
Post by: An Thai Duong Joint Stock Company, Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Best price of Black Pepper from Vietnam
Vietnam Black Pepper 500 gr/l Moisture : 13.5% max, Foreign matter : 1% max, Density : 500 gr/l min Packing in Jute bags or PP bags of 50 or 60 kgs nett each. 2)Vietnam Black Pepper 550 gr/l Moisture : 13% max, Foreign matter : 0.5% max, Density : 550 gr/l min Packing in Jute bags or PP bags of 50 or 60 kgs nett each. 3)Vietnam white pepper 620gr/l min Moisture : 13.5% max, Foreign matter : 0.2% max, Density : 620 gr/l min Packing in Jute bags or PP bags of 50 or 60 kgs nett each. Herous Nguyen - Sales & Exporting Manager AN THAI DUONG TRADING & INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (ATD JSC) Add : 41A Nguyen Phi Khanh St.,Tan Dinh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam Tax code : 0309902324 Tel : (+ 84 8) 62906182 Fax : (+84 8) 62906183 Mobile : +84935 542329 E-mail : , Skype : hungcr79 Website :

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Category Product: Turmeric
Post by: Korai International, Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
any origin turmeric
pls offer any origin turmeric

Category Product: Cloves
Post by: SRI SAIRAM GROUPS, Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
Looking for cloves
We are loking for cloves 500kg @800Rs

Category Product: Black Pepper, Whole
Post by: R L Schreiber Inc., Post date: 20-09-2013Send Email
black and white pepper
one container every other month- various grinds east coast US

Category Product: Anise
Post by: Guangxi Ronxuan Guo Xiang Spice Co Ltd, Post date: 16-07-2013Send Email
Anise/Star Aniseed
We are one of the leading producers and exporters of Star Anise with own Aniseed forestry base and plant in Guangxi province,China.The natural Star Anise offered by us is known for its excellent taste and mesmerizing aroma. We supply large quantity Star Anise with good quality perennial with high grade standard and purity has made us one of the most celebrated Star Anise exporters and suppliers based in China

Category Product: Spice Oleoresins
Post by: Tasco Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd., Post date: 00-00-0000Send Email
export Spice FROM Egypt
Dear Mr We have a company import and export in Egypt We are working on the export of agricultural crops to Turkey and wish to cooperate in latency green -- Nigella sativa - black cummin - ginger. Can you help to know the market prices of these commodities IN Turkish port - -and CFR price Mersin Port. TURKEY